Crawl Space (AKA Thelma)


Thelma was bred and raised by the Dickinson Cattle Company and brought down to Texas earlier this year. She recently had a twin bull calves which were sired by Rodeo Max. Thelma is a great addition to our breeding program. We will plan to retain one of her bull calves as a herd sire as well due to their more than impressive bloodline. We will be selling the other to someone looking for the outstanding genetics these bulls bring to a herd.

Thelma was added to our herd by Stark Lane Farms. We truly appreciate the wonderful people you find in this industry and Ryan and his family are no doubt top notch. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to pick up where you all left off with all the girls. 

Sire: Drag Iron

Dam: Victory Bella


Description: White body with red undertones.